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Mutant Munition

Mutant Munition was founded in the great state of Texas by two retired Special Forces Green Berets who understand the frustrations and inconveniences of finding good ammunition at a time when it can be scarce and at times expensive.  Our Mutant Munitions are new in quality, reliability and economical.  Our fun but serious business model is to sell directly to the consumer from our facility and on-line.



Mutant Munition
Heavy Metal Detox

Shield, Detoxify, and Defend: Unleash Your Inner Warrior with Heavy Metal Detox | 60% OFF

Introducing the revolutionary Heavy Metal Detox – your ultimate solution for detoxifying your body and reclaiming your health. Designed to combat the harmful effects of heavy metal exposure, this cutting-edge product is your powerful ally in achieving optimal well-being.

Reloading Supplies

250 Rounds | 500 Rounds | 1000 Rounds

If you’re looking for bulk ammo, you’ve come to the correct place! We take pleasure in providing only the greatest bulk ammo discounts to the most dedicated shooters.

Precise to Practice

As a thank you for supporting Mutant Munition, we’ve put up some free targets for shooting precise that you can download and print.


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