Clean Corrosive Munition Like a Pro

To maintain your weapons in good working condition, clean or wipe them down after each usage. This will assist and ensure that the action operates safely and correctly, and that the ammo performs as expected. Learn how to clean corrosive ammunition fast after a day at the range. We’ll use the AK47 ammunition as an example, but the process applies to any gun/ammo combination.

We enjoy using military surplus ammo in our older AKs, (It’s sometimes cheaper) but some of it is “corrosive” and requires special cleaning after a range day. Does that seem difficult?

It isn’t if you follow our advice, which explains why some ammunition is corrosive and how to clean it fast, so your rifle doesn’t rust.


Clean your weapon by following these simple procedures.


  1. Make sure the rifle is empty and point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  2. Clear the cleaning bench of all ammo.
  3. Field strip the rifle as indicated in the firearm owner’s handbook for the most thorough cleaning. Then, clean each component separately.



You can use this step to apply preservative oils and then employ a storage method for long-term storage of weapons. Remember to wash off your hands and work surfaces with a cleaning cloth after cleaning your handgun to eliminate lead and other heavy metal residues. If you think your body could use a decrease in lead levels, we recommend checking out and using their ODA Super Greens which have been proven to decrease lead levels in Special Operations Personnel.


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